And then it was autumn

Salamanca_322The change of season has accompanied the passing into the next stage of our journey. Two and a half months ago, we left the Australian winter to look for a capable and affordable blue water cruiser in the European summer. Without planning too many details, we would have hoped to be the proud owners of a suitable boat by now. Life comes often different than what one thinks.

After viewing our first 30 boats in Europe, it now feels like a more mature search. We have become better at reading the spaces between broker’s sparkly yacht adverts and have narrowed down our search to a few makes and models we really like. For the boat experts amongst you – Moody 425 and anything that resembles it.Image

My last post was somehow written in a hurry. Not because I am stressed or time-poor (Though the latter is always the case with kids.). But more, because I was eager to get away from the screen which tends to confuse my mind and block my heart in the anonymity and ridiculous pace of virtual space. I’d much rather enjoy the beauty of real life. Writing, on the other hand, is a way of processing. I should never press ‘publish’ in a hurry as there is too much risk of leaving the soul behind.

The same counts for our journey. Rushing things risks to leave the soul behind. Modern city day living is testimony to this. The fact that things are taking longer than expected is an opportunity for us to ascertain what we really want.

Lately, we have had many discussions about the next steps in the last couple of weeks. Where to go, what to do. The initial excitement is taken away and we are left with a dream stripped down to its bare ribs. Do we want to go sailing for real? Or, typical to our generation, give up when things get tough and look for an easier option. And hell, there are a dozen easier options than taking your baby and toddler sailing around the world. But that’s not our style. We continue to look, less rushed, more mature. Less illusioned, more disillusioned, which, in the end brings us closer to reality.


Everything I had was a small price to pay for everything the world has to offer.  

To sum up, the perfect quotes from a fellow sailor’s blog:

 “Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.” 


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