An anthem to the Basque country

Molino de Cela_350 Molino de Cela_352Bilbao. An after-noon walk. Culture everywhere. Filled with people. Not Andalusia, but still we get the occasional smile. The Guggenheim Museum – a breathtaking piece of architecture. Art makes me smile. I forgot how important it is. History merging with the present. Tourists merging with everyday life. Sorrows fading at the joy of being part of this beautiful picture. A live jazz band in the park. Playgrounds everywhere with friendly families from all over the world. The notion that we could just stay. It’s too nice here. But we still move on.

A few hours later, waking up in San Sebastián. Another beautiful place. How privileged we are. Strolling through the old town along the stunning promenade. Finally breathing ocean air again. Laughing at the rain washing down our faces. Enjoying one last tapas outing. Honouring the castle on the hill which we won’t have time to visit this time. John Lennon’s words in my ears: Imagine all the people, living all in peace... Basque independent talks a minute later on the same radio. I wonder, don’t they get it? The sky is so vast, filled with clouds. Some boats are fishing. Lots of people running out there. One last glance at the beautiful beach bay behind the Aquarium. And before we know it, on the road again.

A Chai in my hand, I stare at the French border in the back mirror. Kilometers fly by. Time is insignificant. Our lives are so unique. I feel so grateful. The adventure goes on.


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