Nothing is easy

Cream Tea_403Extract from a typical situation occurring on board MV (motor vessel) Wilson – with typical every-day challenges, unusual for the average city dweller, familiar to other voyagers and anything between miserable, ridiculous and hilarious:

Gas bottle is new, water tank and fridge full, waste water empty and both kids are sleeping.

D: Awesome. Have you called x to say we’ll arrive tomorrow?

P: Nope. Have you got the number?

D: Yes, it’s in my Outlook.

P: In the computer with no batteries (Solar panels and an inverter are still a pending purchase.)?

D: Yes, in that one… Maybe we are lucky and I noted it down on some piece of paper.

P:  Got it. Now where’s the mobile?

D: The one without battery?

P: Oh bugger, yes that one. Well, we’ll call when we get an opportunity to charge it. Need to go to the loo.

D: The loo which is full? Haven’t I mentioned that the holding tank has passed the red line?

11pm at night.

P: No more space for any shit? Where shall I empty it? The next station is more than 4km away.

D: You’ll have to take the bike, then.

Just as P goes off to pull the bikes of the rack, it starts pouring down rain… An hour and a half later he’s back home, safe but drenched.

D: All good?

P: Well the closest station was closed, so I had to move on to the next one which was another 3km away. And I had to pay. It was only 50 cents, but I didn’t have change on me, so I had to buy something in the shop…


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