The Newmoon Fire

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Have you ever wondered how much time we spend looking after our body? And mind? And how little on our soul? Yet, supposedly that’s all that remains after our relatively short existence under the sun. I often feel that the moon provides for one of those rare connection points between the superficial level we navigate most of the day on most days and the deeper soul level. When living in tune with the moon, it becomes easier to see all the supposedly tangible as quite intangible, and all the surreal as a more genuinely real.

Besides engaging in monthly full moon ceremonies, there’s a few other moony practices passed on from gran-mas, sages, witches and yogis which have enhanced our lives and aided us in getting out there, living our dream, daring the adventure, staying healthy and if not always utmost happy, then at least content.

Here’s a few – if you have your own little moon tricks, please share by leaving a comment.

  1. Any cleanses and cleaning actions are always more successful during new moon and the preceding two weeks which are mentally and emotionally excellent for letting go. Fasting on new moon days (if not pregnant, breast-feeding or weak) will be one of the best preventative measure for good health.
  2. Full moon, on the other hand, and the weeks leading up to it, are useful for bringing new energy into your life, absorbing supplements better, starting new ventures, plan etc. Any deficiencies, like iron during pregnancy for example, are easier alleviated on full-moon days. Don’t operate on full moon days. Scarf tissue will heal more difficult, bleeding is more and wounds take longer to heal.
  3. Physical illnesses are more often than not the natural consequence of a spiritual negativity. If one wants to eradicate not only the symptoms, but the roots of the illness, the underlying ‘samskara’, or deeply rooted thought and/or behavioural pattern must be eliminated.
  4. When feeling under the weather, wear white and use white linen. This colour allows your body to connect with the universe’s healing energies. Black acts as poison as it blocks those healing vibrations.
  5. If you opt to vaccinate, don’t do it (or get operated on) full moon days. If possible, even avoid the three days leading up to it.
  6. Don’t operate on parts of the body which is reigned by the sign through which the moon is moving.
  7. Cut your nails on Fridays. Ancient wisdom doesn’t always have scientific explanations to back them up. Try for yourself and judge by the results.

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