Connecting with your soul… Moments

Body, mind and soul are like a tripod. The world stands by their combination, in them everything abides. (Charaka Samhita – one of the oldest Ayurvedic scriptures)

Most of us are aware of our body and look – or at least intend to look after it. Similarly the mind – a widely used tool of the ego to gain appreciation in our intellectually focused society. However, what have you done lately to nourish your soul? That what remains when you take everything else away: All the labels, all the roles you play throughout life, all the flesh and bones, all the emotions and to-do-lists… That which makes life deep and true? That which comes from, lives in and goes back to pure love?

This morning a friend of mine gave birth (welcome Pablito!). Being with her in spirit throughout the night made me nostalgic about my own labours and births… For me they were the moments that brought me closest to connecting with the higher soul. Some call it God. Some call it universal energy. Others describe it as simply divine bliss.

So here I am, in the middle of mountains of books and clothes ready to be given to friends and charity, next to my smiling baby and dancing toddler, delving in sweet nostalgia.

Mother and son_41

Pregnant Sydney_39

Harbour Splash_42

Sandcastle w Mum_40

Mum in Blue_43

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