on passing and pausing between to-dos

What a week it’s been, not one of my best. When someone like one’s grand-pa passes away, it’s a trigger to reflect on the insignificance of most, if not all things in life. As he was surrendering to his last breaths, nothing that ever seemed important had any importance anymore. A lesson to take life even lighter. Not many things worth worrying about. Me completely trashing our van the next day – definitely not a highlight. Yes, the whole in our savings hurts, but the kids are healthy, we are all happy and one of  the lucky few to have taken all it takes to pursue a life we are passionate about.

Prior to all that, the now (in)famous Rebel Heart story of a cruising family who had to be rescued from their boat when crossing the Pacific due to ill-health of their smallest child. Whilst the main stream media jumped at this opportunity to pointlessly criticise people following their hearts, and justify the dream-paralysis which has taken over most of our fear driven culture(s), most cruising family blogs took to defend their lifestyles and decision to share the greatest voyage of all with their kids. I’m not going to do this here as I fail to see the point, having to justify to the most close-minded people the fact that we dare to show our children their world, giving them the best life we know to give them. Others don’t justify imposing their settled lifestyle on their kids, so why should the 1,000 plus cruising families out there have to do so?

London Tower Bridge

All of this, plus Happy Dancer’s respectable to do list have been keeping us busy. To give you an insight in the latter, I thought some might be interested  in getting a more detailed glimpse into some of the items:

HD to buy list April 2014

HD to do list April 2014

Lastly I’ve also been working on a Gallery page which I hope to grow, one weekly postcard-picture-quote at a time. Feel free to use them, kindly citing their source. If you wish to purchase any of the pictures on this blog, please get in touch for bigger resolution sizes.

The dolphins playing in our wake, the orcas swimming by, the bald eagle scooping up a fish, the beautiful sunset, the people in remote locations… This was a gift my parents gave me and the gift I want to give my boys.” (Daphne Stuart, boat kid since age 17 months and now cruising mother herself).

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