Dream it, do it!

Dream it, do it!_53

Sleep’s a bit short these days, but love, grace and endless creativity are flowing. Things are starting to find their way back into boxes – or to other homes. Travelling lightly feels freeing. Farewells, visitors and the usual teaching and work schedule are keeping us busy. It seems hard to imagine that in a couple of weeks we’ll be dangling our feet of Happy Dancer‘s deck, rather than stretching them into the river Itchen in Winchester. We are generally not to dwell much in dream land, but more into embracing the moment to the fullest with whatever there is. Too much planing and over-thinking can paralyse even the most beautiful dreams. More soon, now there’s another birthday cake to prepare. x


  1. Thanks Dini – am thoroughly enjoying following your blog. You have such positive energy about you, your posts invariably give me a lift.
    Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to strike the right balance between focusing on your dream enough to bring it to fruition, whilst avoiding “living in the future” by focusing too much on your dream, and failing to appreciate the present? I’m struggling a little with this at the moment!

    • Hi Jacqui, so lovely to hear from you. Indeed, fine balance. I’d say set your dream, make it clear, bring it alife in your mind, give it your full attention on full and new moons, share it, put it out there… and then focus on the present, enjoying every moment. Example, when we were still in Sydney saving to be able to buy our boat, we did put aside what we could, without ever influencing our quality of life. Things like eating out in expensive restaurants or going on fancy holidays doesn’t mean much to us, so we dropped that. Things like going to the beach, yoga, singing and dancing with friends, big BBQs with everyone at our’s do mean a lot to us, so we kept it. In other words, we weren’t completely rigid about saving every coin, we enjoyed the present, loved our time back home, enjoyed our friends – but also always kept putting our dream out there and most importantly , believing in it. In the end, it happened. Hope this helps a bit. Stay in touch. What are you dreaming?!? Cuddles to your little one too. xoxo

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