Birthday chocolate cake – happy 3!

Between all the packing, rejoicing our last week in the UK, preparations and excitement of moving our live aboard, Noah turned three this week. Incredible how fast the time has passed since this unforgettable and beautiful Guru Purnima July full moon night, which changed my life forever – from grant to even granter.

3 Birthday_164

He wakes up most days saying “I’m happy mum, are you?” What a better opportunity to check in with your bliss?!? I couldn’t get myself to organise anything beyond what I know would make this little one especially happy on his day. This meant no hall hire, no massive party kit, no throw away deco, nor sugary chemical take-home treats. Instead, a new  balance bike together with a few other little treats, a birthday celebration skype with Argentina, the loveliest presies from his little mates we spend the sunny morning with at the splash pool and a simple nasty free deep and rich chocolate brownie/cake which has had me hear requests for the recipe ever since. 

200 g best quality dark chocolate you can find

250 g organic butter

Melt together at low temperature.

65 g almond flour

80 g organic cocoa powder

300 g xylithol

50 g stevia

1 tsp baking powder

Mix all together, then whisk into the melted chocolate mix.

4 free range organic eggs

Whisk first, then fold in with the rest.

Good handful of walnuts – stir into the rest. Then pour into a cake form or onto a tray.

Bake in preheated oven at 180 C for no longer than 25 minutes (important, otherwise you lose the rich texture as the cake becomes too dry). Celebrate!

Choc Brownies_163

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