One month of living aboard

Aegina_328Aegina_327aegina_333 Aegina, GreeceOne month into living aboard. Moments of everything. Disbelief as I was watching several yachts entering the marina here in Aegina, Greece, and almost taking Happy Dancer’s bow with them at 25 knots or so of wind. Skippers freaking out. My mind, speechless. Then the calmness of the bright orange and pink sunset as we tour the island by bike. Breath-taking. Athen’s hustle bustle, lights and tankers in the distance. Stunning. By accident we end up in a tiny local tavern in the middle of nowhere where a typical Greek, home-made dinner for our whole family is dished up for barely 10 Euros. Awesome and grounding. Acro-yoga session on the beach in the morning as the party town is still asleep, invigorating. Meditating on a rock overlooking a thousand islands. Anchoring. New local friends we make on the playground as we improve our Greek. Satisfying. For the first time seeing pistachio trees blossoming. Insightful. Fresh produce from the region. Delicious. And now a cool Greek coffee by the water front as I post some updates. Life’s good. Tomorrow we will continue towards the Corinth Canal – 90 metres of sandstone walls either side awaiting us. Scary.

Noah Aegina_305 Noah Aegina_306 Noah Aegina_307 Noah Aegina_308 Noah Aegina_309


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