Delphi’s Oracle

Not many boats go out of their way to explore the Gulf of Patras and Corinth. Suits us as there’s plenty of space on the town quai as we sail into Galaxidhi after a short but deep sleep in a nearby uninhabited and well enclosed bay a few miles to the West. Greeted by dolphins on the way, and still the day gets even better. For once, we hit the ground running. As soon as the lines are secured we hop on a bus up the hill to Delphi where we explore the ancient ruins of Apollo’s temple. Despite the touristic setup, there is no denying of the deep energies of that place where Pythia, priestesses since the 8th century or even earlier for hundreds of years predicted their prophecies, commonly known as the Delphic Oracle.

Feeling the ruins it becomes obvious that throughout the whole history of humanity, we haven’t changed much. Most of us still go through the same cycles of suffering in search for the Divine without and within. Some – often called crazy – find a way to light, a detachment from the daily sorrows without being uninvolved, a way to live life deeper, to foresee miracles, to see beyond the obvious, to read people’s minds, to walk the path of their hearts…

Delfi_353 Delfi_354

Delfi_349 Delfi_355 Delfi_356 Delfi_357 Delphi_366

Pantanjali in the Yoga Sutras calls this vibhutis, supernatural abilities that anyone committed to the eight-fold path can potentially obtain. Crikey, but also the last big challenge on the road to enlightenment, nirvana, eternal bliss… For now, while continuing our path, eight-fold and more, with daily yoga and meditation, we are learning to read and listen every day more our floating home. An overwhelming blessing at times, an opportunity to grow and learn on so many levels, practical, emotional and spiritual, that we have been craving for so long and are embracing wholeheartedly.

Make your own nature, not the advice of others, your guide in life. Delphi’s Oracle, 83BC

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