Peaceful monastery

Luckily the Moody 425s are built so incredibly well that not only do they sail like a dream, are safe like a fortress, strong like ten horses, and gorgeous like Perinis (almost), but also amazingly comfortable. One of the features (and no, we are not selling Happy Dancer if this sounds like a sales pitch) that contribute to the latter is the amazing amount of storage capacity. This allows us to carry our bikes, including kids trolley, with us and explore places we stop far and beyond the usual yachty mile around the town quay or port. One of our hinterland excursions took us to this picturesque monastery of whose peace our pictures hopefully can give a glimpse. Hare Om.

011 - monastery ermioniaMonastery Ermion_367 Monastery Ermion_368 Monastery Ermion_369 Monastery Ermion_370 Monastery Ermion_371 Monastery Ermion_372 Monastery Ermion_373 Monastery Ermion_374 Monastery Ermion_375 Monastery Ermion_376 Monastery Ermion_377 Monastery Ermion_378 Monastery Ermion_379


  1. Fabulous photography! And you all look so happy and healthy. Wonderful to see. I’m loving your blog. J x

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