Living with Nature

Our engine’s fixed and runs as good as new. I was keen on just posting: “We are off to Sicily” until I checked the weather forecast. Never trust the Greek when they start screaming, and shouting, and putting up a drama with additional stern lines etc for a supposed storm. Nine out of ten times it’s nothing, literally zero wind. However, if, in addition to my Zygribs and Navtex info, all the weather-sites I consult paint the same grim picture, plus the wind patterns we’ve been observing for weeks are all out of rack, I do pay attention. By the way, weather forecast sites I’d recommend include:

Windguru & Windfinder for the small picture.
Poseidon & University of Athens for the bigger picture here in Greece. & for the real big picture.

Deepest colours of red and closest isobars I’ve seen in the three months we’ve been cruising Greece now. Another reminder how much flexibility is required if you want to live the dream of cruising the world on your boat. Don’t make plans, it always turns out different anyway. Living in tune with nature might sound very romantic in a book. In real life for sailors it often means hanging out MUCH longer in a place than expected waiting for the famous good weather window.

Was it not for our Parisian friends who are waiting for us on the other side of the Ionian Sea, spending another extra week in Lefkas Town wouldn’t bother me. It’s not chique-ish like Nidri. It hasn’t got near as nice beaches as Australia. It isn’t cute like Kioni or Spartachori, or remote and relaxed like Kilada. But it’s relatively protected of the storm that’s passing out there, convenient for provisioning, it’s got a few spots to snorkel and cool down when it’s hot (alas) and a few nice Cafes (don’t expect internet!) to wait for the rain to pass.



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