It’s not a good-bye, it’s a see-ya-later Sicily

A tinge of sadness sweeps through my heart as I glimpse back one more time towards Sicily’s lights which are fading in the darkness. Our time there has passed ways too quickly. As much as I love discovering new places, I dislike leaving beloved ones behind. Same counts for cultures and people. This only seems to be getting worse with the years.

acitrezza_143 acitrezza_133

acitrezza_134Acitrezza – old friends left, new ones joined. Picking up where we left many years ago. Embracing each other’s differences. Enjoying each other’s company. On we went, passed rainy river bays, ancient castles, olive groves and through stunning Siracusa bustling with culture and history: From Greeks, over Romans, to Arabs and Spaniards – everyone left their mark. Off the beaten track again, the winds blew us into Marzamemi, just passed a stunning nature reserve. Pink Flamingos flying past us. Dolphins swimming with us. The only proper marina we’ve visited since leaving Greece. The first time we pay, yet 30 Euros off season price seems bearable, given the convenience regarding the 6h30 am bus ride commitment which took our friends back to Catania airport.

Siracusa_153 Siracusa_147 Siracusa_148 Siracusa_149Siracusa_145Siracusa_151

The next morning, Salvatore, the super friendly marina manager, asks us to stay another three days – as his guests, non-paying, that is. On Saturday they are organizing the big end off season concert in the harbour and over 200 people are expected to enjoy the Italian band and local delicacies in the beautiful settings. He thinks we shouldn’t miss the festa. Was it not for the yoga workshops I was to teach in Valetta a few days later, no doubt we would have stayed.


  1. hola a los cuatro me alegro que hayan disfrutado de sicilia,no se si estuvieron en noto que es el pueblo de los papas de beto,les mando un beso grande

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