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The hustle, bustle and creativity everywhere on the island was one of the first things that struck us, after having spent four months in Greece and Sicily. Whilst I love those countries also, and cherish their culture which is tightly linked to old customs and traditions, it is this latter attitude that also seems to hold them back. The old is to be cherished, respected and learnt from, for sure, but not at the expense of embracing the new and surrendering to the non-avoidable fact of constant change.
This is something Malta has not been able to ignore. Throughout history, change has been the only constant in this little nation’s backdrop. Today, one can feel this in flexible, adaptable attitudes of people and places. Construction everywhere. New shops, galleries and cafes popping out in random holes along old city walls. Proud Maltese arts and crafts and other products inspire locals and internationals alike. The air breathes freshness and inspiration. The Maltese cannot but exhale fully and completely to allow all this new energy in. I breathe. I smile. I dance. I am happy. This island does the same.
Birgu by night_234


  1. We are across in Sicily but were in Malta during the summer. It is a bit like Marmite. You love it or hate it. We loved it and your wonderful photos show others why it is an Island worth visiting.
    Your yoga moves are something I tend to practice without knowing when I have to service our engine.

    • Hi Mark, win win on the engine yoga moves. Body and engine both benefit;) Are you in Ragusa over the winter? Loved Sicily also, but there was no work, very contrary to here. x

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