Stay alive

I’m a big fan of doing something one’s never done before every day…. Of giving every day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life. Even if there’s no space in your day to enroll in a scuba diving class, paint a Picasso artwork, indulge in a soothing yin yoga class in the comfort of your own living room or join a yoga retreat, a simple change of attitude or looking at a daily habit from a completely different angle, might be all it takes to allow fresh energies, smiles and happiness into your life.

seaurgent taste_239 seaurgent taste_240 seaurgent taste_241 seaurgent taste_242 seaurgent taste_243

Today, my boys tried sea urchins for the very first time. They were given to us by these nice guys in the pictures as they watched them completely mesmerized. I finally know what this strange claw like tool in the galley is for – yet might never use it for its intended purposes. Sea urchin cracker give away for whoever pops in first. Find us in our new happy place in Msida Creek marina. Even with 7 Bft winds out there, the mast’s not moving an inch here. Fantastic!


  1. I have yet to try an Urchin – do you eat them while they’re alive? I’ve added it to my list of things to do! We started our summer in Malta and have ended up in Sicily for the winter…I’ve heard that the Greeks do not eat Urchins but the Italians do…In search of urchins I will go! Great website 🙂

    • Hi Kim, are you in Ragusa? Sooo close – we should catch up for a weekend. I’ts only 60nm! How long were you in Malta for? Did you sail around the islands? Lemme know what you think about the Urchins once you get to taste them and enjoy beautiful Sicily. LOVE it! xx

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