Dear Malta,

Dear Malta_247

It’s 5h30 am. The rest of the Happy Dancer crew is still asleep. The marina quiet. The Mistral which has been blowing at close to 40 knots over the past three days has finally calmed down. The sun hasn’t come out yet. I love the tranquillity of these wee morning hours. As I prepare my lemon water I smile to myself in gratitude. I don’t know when exactly it happened over the past few months, but at one stage the boat became our real home, and our legs real sailors’ legs. Although there’s still a thousand and one things to do, improve on and learn, it doesn’t feel completely overwhelming anymore. Between all the adventures, at times there’s glimpses of daily routines. At-easiness with life on a boat. Completely at peace with our choices.

It is never easy, and barely as romantic as it might sound like, and, dare I say, it’s not for many. But for us and for now, it feel’s so right. Just like Malta does too. It has welcomed us with most open arms and continues to do so every moment of every day. We continue do be stunned to bits by it’s beauty, generosity, warmth, uniqueness, creativity, variety and pure aliveness.

When waiting for the bus after teaching one of my yoga classes, a random explosion of fireworks kept me wondering. It was near the airport, in the middle of the island, for no apparent reason. It lasted for well over half an hour at intermittent bursts… Then a smiley shaped lamp on the way back, past playgrounds and historic villages. Bustling town squares and some abandoned old villas which leave me wondering about the grand past that once strolled through it’s vast gardens. This is Malta, and so much more. Dear little island in the Med, thank you so much for your warm welcome. We cannot wait to discover you more!

Yours sincerely, the Happy Dancing crew 😉



  1. It is a beautiful moment when you feel inside that your boat is your home- I’m happy to hear *you* so happy. Love your glimpses into Malta! xx

  2. Hi Dini, thank you for the wonderful honesty and gratitude you share in each of your posts. I love that you don’t try to hide the more difficult or trying aspects – that you don’t romanticise the experience. And at the same time you are always attuned to draw lessons from the negatives and feel gratitude for all the positives in life. I’m really enjoying following your story. J xx

    • Thanks Jacqui for checking in every now and then. Lovely to hear from you. How’s life in Sydney? How’s your little one? And Zonta? and all the rest? Much love from Malta;) xx

  3. Hi Dini

    I love reading your posts ! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with everyone. ….you are like a breath of  fresh air and absolute peace and calm in this frantic, but incredible world we all live in !

    God bless you all, and I hope you keep having the best and most wonderful time with your beautiful family.

    With lots of love and my sincere best wishes to you all.

    Jayne (Dawson) Chubby, dark hair ,happy, yin yoga sometimes on Sunday’s at New Energy xxxxx

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    • Bless you Jayne, thanks for your lovely words and thanks for getting in touch. So nice to hear from you. I’m about to realease news for some wonderful yoga retreats next year. It’d be lovely if you could join us in one of them, become part of our blissful journey. Also (peek preview here), I’ll be coming back to the UK for a week or two early June to teach at the Colourfest and run some Yin Yoga workshops in Southampton and Winchester. Stay tuned! xx

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