Since the last new-moon has passed I’ve been pondering about energy more than usual. The boundless amount of Prana, Qi, Energy – call it what you wish – available to us. It shows in nature. The ocean, always so strong – without any pistons nor diesel. The trees, blossoming without any architectural plans. A baby, born naturally, without the need for intervention… And yet, something happens somewhere along the journey of life to most of us which leaves us stranded, tired, lost and confused, longing for more energy for all the things we are dreaming of doing one day, or even just feeling the need to do.


It’s only when we shed all those lists and entanglements in future and past, that we can tap into the endless pot of Prana, THE life-force, and fulfill our true potential. This is not easy when one is trained from little onwards that your value, the value of a person, lies in what they do, achieve or worst, earn or have on their bank accounts. Yet, it is such a no-brainer. Drop the stresses, drop the tensions, enroll in a yin yoga class (lol), or even better a full yoga retreat, breathe deeply, dance freely, laugh loudly, love without fear… and you know what I’m talking about.


Not surprisingly with all this energy-pondering my daily Osho page talked exactly about that. Another example of life that unfolds in the direction you stear your energies, thoughts, time, space, ideas, love, gaze towards. Let me share some extracts.

“People are obsessed with doing, as if doing is a sort of intoxicant it keeps them drunk. They remain occupied so that they don’t have time to think about the real problems of life. They keep themselves busy so that they don’t bupm into themselves… This is how energy goes on leaking, and this is why you never have too much of it… One has to learn to drop the unnecessary… keeping just the essential, and you will have so much energy left that one day you will suddenly start blooming, for no reason at all… Spirituality is a flowering… if you are overflowing with vitality, only then does something like a golden flower bloom in you.”

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