Malta Monday with Cat from Butterfly Therapies

Another Monday. Another business. Another wonderful lady who leaves me feeling blissfully light everytime I walk out of a massage. Without further due, enjoy learning a bit more about my friend Cat from Butterfly Therapies – or even better, book in with her if/next time you are in Malta!
cat massage light with logo2
You in a few words
Part massage therapist, part mermaid, devout tea lover, dance floor addict, yoga student, life student in search of the best ways to just be
Your business in a few words
A colourful combination of physical and emotional bodywork, chilled out holiday experiences and healthy living advice. The core idea behind Butterfly Therapies is to inspire transformation. (>>
Your greatest inspiration
I’m inspired by anyone who follows their dreams and lives in line with their core values. I tend to be inspired more by the people around me than faraway-seeming gurus, experts, celebrities or spokespeople. I think this is because we are able to see the real side of those closest to us, how they are in their tender moments, their victories and tragedies. So right now my inspirations are my Mum who defies convention and does the things that make her happy inspite of the opinions of her peers and my best friend who is at last fulfilling her dream of travelling the world and searching for her true version of happy. I’m also inspired by clear orators, those who are able to speak their truth in a way that others can really connect to. Maya Angelou, The Barefoot Doctor(>>>, Einstein, AJ Leon (>>>
Your biggest dream
To run a BnB with my partner that offers guests unique opportunities to create space in their busy lives and reconnect with their core, through bodywork, meditation, walks in nature, swims in the sea, good food, sharing stories and just being human… in a beautiful setting. With 4 months off a year to travel ourselves.
Leap mid DanceWalk Malta
Milestone moments on the path to get where you are today
A trip to South East Asia in my early 20s that inspired my desire to be a bodyworker, 15 years in public service that gave me the skills I need to run my own business, a chance meeting with a gorgeous Italian cocktail barman in London that inspired the move to Malta, several lucky connections with inspiring people here in Malta that helped me set up my business on the rock, spread the word about my work and continue to inspire me to keep evolving 🙂
And the future?
Right now I am developing my skills in emotional release work by deepening my amanae practice ( and working on a 5 day healthy holiday project for 2015.
Favourite quote
Oh wow, so many! But as huge fan of EDM I am going to choose one from one of my favourite bands of my 20’s, Lamb: “Burn like a good bonfire, in what ever you do”
Arrival in Malta 2011 Hiking preparations at Manchester Picadilly


  1. Malta is wonderful and we will be visiting again next year. By then I will really be ready for a good massage. In fact I am ready for one all the time. Have a wonderful winter, Christmas and New Year.

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