Creative Lunch Stack

Creative lunch _80The other day I tried to describe the joys (and challenges) of simple(r) living. One of those can be a moment of inspiration in the galley, followed by a lunch on deck, December yet still 23C degrees and sunny, kids are sleeping and life could barely be better.

Creative lunch _82

Caramelised onions are my current favourite in the kitchen. Ayurvedically onions and garlic should only be used as medicine due to their superb healing abilities. I can’t resist to include the fellows, let’s say preventively. Before you grill whatever other veggie left-overs you have, bring your soaked (makes it much easier for your body to absorb the nutrients, plus decrease cooking time which translates to quantity of gas used on a boat) rice just covered with broth, to boil with a dash of saffron (balances reproductive system) and turmeric (cleanses blood). Then cover and turn the heat off. It will finish cooking by itself, no heat, money, time or other further input required. Magic!

Back to your veggies. Slice them in slices or roughly similar thickness. Grill them in a pan with a touch of olive oil (for the Mediterranean friends), ghee (an Ayurvedic all-rounder) or coconut oil (cooling, so good for summer months). Spice with a bit of pepper, cayenne pepper, Himalayan rock salt and oregano. Pile on top of the charamlised onions. Fire an egg. Top it. Sprinkle a few leaves of fresh basil on top. Serve with a spoon of your saffron rice (which should be ready by now). Seat down. Turn of the computer and phone. Imagine you were in paradise. Take a bite. Chew lots. Enjoy. Share with your loved ones. Be. One with the stack. One with the food. One with the world. At peace with yourself. Om & Bon Appetit.

Creative lunch _81


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