Another full moon

Another full moon has come around so quickly. I always rejoice in the fact that all other wonderful crazy cruisers I’m in touch with around the world – as well as our friends and family far and further – all share that same stunning golden circle up there in the sky – and all the energies that come with it.

January has passed in a blink. “Be careful what you wish for”, should be what I take home from the past full-moon ceremonies as, gosh, when all those seedling projects start to sprout… there’s not a moment left to leisurely kick back and simply enjoy the sunset. If you think that cruising life slows things down and gives you more time to read all those books which have been dusting away on the bookshelf for the past years in a hammock of your bow… you couldn’t be more wrong. Especially not if you are cruising with kids. Between their full-time education and conscious up-bringing, our boat’s preparation for the Atlantic (Yeah, am I really filling out the Atlantic Odysee 2015 participation form?!? Squeeze me!), teaching yoga classes, running workshops, featuring on Maltese TV (another squeeze pls!), articles, blogs, whole-some cooking and, well, just all the rest of life – doesn’t sound like kicking back Bernard Moitessier style, does it? Well it’s not. But I’ve surrendered to the fact that that’s the life I chose to live and stillness is not found in physical activity (or inactivity), but within. So even with 1001 projects on the go, one can still chose to be tranquil and peaceful inside.

Off to some pole dancing  – my new joy and fun and part of this year’s direction: Dance, sing and play guitar/poice/acro-yoga MORE, worry even LESS, take life ever so lightly… without missing out on its depth for a moment of course.

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