Yoga & Spa Day, Mellieha, Malta

Superbe visit from a dear overseas friend. Bless the feeling of reconnecting with old friends as if no time has passed whatsoever! Final arrival of another kids boat here in Malta. Delight in the joys of meeting new people you feel you’ve already been friends with for ages. And my February long weekend retreat only half a moon cycle away. Life’s rock’n rolling.

If you are local, or just a ferry ride away in Sicily (ferry rides are back on from Feb onwards as the weather’s supposed to get more navigation friendly again), we’ve been able to create a super one day deal: All details below. If you can join us for some Yoga, Spa and in depth Relaxation later this month, great. If not, create your own, as it’s more often than not that in the depth of your inner stillness and tranquility you find everything that you are looking for.

Yoga Spa Day_307

When I say I greet the Divine within you, I mean it. Thanks for reading on and on and connecting with us through comments, FB, Twitter, emails or old-fashioned real life;) Namaste.

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