A rejuvenating and soul-nourishing week of growth and insight coming to an end

A week of yoga retreat is over and once again I cannot express the immense gratitude for being able to do what I’m doing. It’s been relaxing and it’s been deep. Every single one of us has ripped out a stiff and stale part that was ready to go, and replaced it with more insight, flow and loving kindness. Everyone’s come a bit closer to the best we can be. There’s been laughter. There’s been tears. There’s been a few falls and lots of rises. There’s been challenges, and there’s been victories. There’s been amazing home-made culinary treats every day. There’s been Shakti circles, full moon ceremonies, vinyasa flow yoga almost every morning, rejuvenating yin yoga and meditation at night, acro yoga, Ayurveda, chakra cleansing, visualizations, walking meditations and excursions inside and out.

Dalyan Delta_90 Dalyan River_98 Our Captain_89 Noah&Dini_88

The free boat service down the Dalyan River to Dalyan’s bustling markets and of course the hammam and spa. Incredibly friendly and attentive staff at the Sultan Palace Hotel. Sunshine every minute of every day. Gazing at the stars by night, and grazing through the petals by the pool during the days which flew by. More than that, it’s been a most incredible group of yogis coming together, sharing open heartedly, embracing, accepting and cherishing – ourselves and one another. Many arrived as strangers and leave as best friends.

I see this happen over and over again at my yoga retreats. Things happen for a reason. People meet for a reason. The groups always flow perfectly. There is no such thing as coincidence, it seems. Just a magical and magnificent Divine order which we can only start to grasp and understand in the deepest depth of our meditations.

Sometimes we need to step away from everything to be able to make sense of it all. Hopefully you’ll take the opportunity and join us for a soul-nourishing retreat some time in the future. I cannot wait to start planing the yoga retreat for November in the Cape Verdes and mid/late 2016 in the Caribbean. Stay tuned – in bliss.


Love, gratitude and prayers to all my wonderful participants, past, present and future – and all other fellow yogis and peaceful warriors who are making little changes in themselves and in this world, every day, to ultimate bath everyone in a vast ocean of peace, love and loving kindness. Namaste – Soul Greetings. Be happy!

Don’t waste the moment, or else the moment will be gone.

Sultan Palace_91 Sultan Palace_92 Sultan Palace_93 Sultan Palace_94 Sultan Palace_95 SultanPalaceHote_84 SultanPalaceHote_85 SultanPalaceHote_86

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