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Tenerife Yoga Retreat – a Video Review

Time flies and over two weeks back into our new old Sydney life I still believe my prediction is true: Within a month we’ll have our old ‘stable’ life back. It’s amusingly mindblowing how hard it is to cut your ties and sail off into the sunset like we did 2.5 years ago – and how incredibly easy it is to drop back into the system. It is made for it and our society wants robots – not free spirits. As such in fifteen days we’ve found ourselves a house, a massive family car to prepare for the new addition next year, a red Vespa, the related insurances, a pushbike, a phone contract and several bits and pieces of furniture and the like.

This is for all the many mails I get through this blog fearing the loss of ‘stability’ and ‘real life’! If you’ve grow up with it, they (or the illusion thereof) will always be there for you!

Despite a five day involuntary cleanse due to a nasty city virus our pure ocean systems aren’t used to anymore, I managed to put together this five minute video review of my last retreat in Europe a couple of weeks before we returned to Australia. Looking at the blissful moments in sunkissed Tenerife, the fun evenings, the ceremonies and fantastic yoga vibes, remembering the lovely participants and stunning retreat location it feels like a second and yet a lifetime ago that the Sydney skyline didn’t form part of my life. Time is such a funny thing. Enjoy! and even better, stay tuned to soon-to-come updates on next November’s Yoga Retreat in Bali.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is, your are the pilot!


Malta Yoga Masterclasses with Dini on 3, 4 & 6th Sep’15

Chilling near Elounda in Crete, next to an ancient leper colony and fascinating fortressed island, I’ve had time to update my yoga schedule. If you happen to be in Malta early September, I hope to see you at one or all of the events below:

Vinyasa Flow, Thursday 3 September 7-8h30 pm

An invigorating session which will include it all: Flow, strength, balancing, reversing, relaxing and more. Not suitable for absolute beginners. More info and updates on Facebook.

Yin Yoga, Friday 4 September 7-8h30 pm

A soft, simple and meditative session made up of long-held seated poses, providing the opportunity to cleanse deeply and let go of anything no longer of use to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. More info and updates on Facebook.

Donation: Both classes above are 15 Euros each, or 25 Euros if you attend both. Only advanced booking (email) and payment will safe your spot. Spaces are limited.

Yoga Masterclass: Yin, Yang, Meditation & Pranayam, Sunday 6 September, 10am-12pm

A unique and extraordinary two hour yoga session including

– powerful Pranayam to unleash any knots from your subtle energy channels

– invigorating Vinyasa sequence to boost your Pranic flow

– rejuvenating Yin Yoga to turn inwards and slow down

– meditation & Chakra cleanse to nourish your body, mind, heart and soul

Donation: 20 Euros. More info and updates on Facebook.

Logistics: All classes are held in the beautiful settings of Lily Agius Arts Gallery, 54 Cathedral Street Sliema (two minute walk from Zara’s near the ferry terminal). Please advice in advance if you need to borrow a yoga mat.

H is for Happiness (6) H is for Happiness (11) H is for Happiness (17) H is for Happiness (27) H is for Happiness (39) H is for Happiness (47) H is for Happiness (65)

Pictures taken by beautiful Angela from H is for Happiness Photography whose guest post we can look forward to here soon.

A rejuvenating and soul-nourishing week of growth and insight coming to an end

A week of yoga retreat is over and once again I cannot express the immense gratitude for being able to do what I’m doing. It’s been relaxing and it’s been deep. Every single one of us has ripped out a stiff and stale part that was ready to go, and replaced it with more insight, flow and loving kindness. Everyone’s come a bit closer to the best we can be. There’s been laughter. There’s been tears. There’s been a few falls and lots of rises. There’s been challenges, and there’s been victories. There’s been amazing home-made culinary treats every day. There’s been Shakti circles, full moon ceremonies, vinyasa flow yoga almost every morning, rejuvenating yin yoga and meditation at night, acro yoga, Ayurveda, chakra cleansing, visualizations, walking meditations and excursions inside and out.

Dalyan Delta_90 Dalyan River_98 Our Captain_89 Noah&Dini_88

The free boat service down the Dalyan River to Dalyan’s bustling markets and of course the hammam and spa. Incredibly friendly and attentive staff at the Sultan Palace Hotel. Sunshine every minute of every day. Gazing at the stars by night, and grazing through the petals by the pool during the days which flew by. More than that, it’s been a most incredible group of yogis coming together, sharing open heartedly, embracing, accepting and cherishing – ourselves and one another. Many arrived as strangers and leave as best friends.

I see this happen over and over again at my yoga retreats. Things happen for a reason. People meet for a reason. The groups always flow perfectly. There is no such thing as coincidence, it seems. Just a magical and magnificent Divine order which we can only start to grasp and understand in the deepest depth of our meditations.

Sometimes we need to step away from everything to be able to make sense of it all. Hopefully you’ll take the opportunity and join us for a soul-nourishing retreat some time in the future. I cannot wait to start planing the yoga retreat for November in the Cape Verdes and mid/late 2016 in the Caribbean. Stay tuned – in bliss.


Love, gratitude and prayers to all my wonderful participants, past, present and future – and all other fellow yogis and peaceful warriors who are making little changes in themselves and in this world, every day, to ultimate bath everyone in a vast ocean of peace, love and loving kindness. Namaste – Soul Greetings. Be happy!

Don’t waste the moment, or else the moment will be gone.

Sultan Palace_91 Sultan Palace_92 Sultan Palace_93 Sultan Palace_94 Sultan Palace_95 SultanPalaceHote_84 SultanPalaceHote_85 SultanPalaceHote_86

A healthy outside starts from the Inside

Here’s some powerful cleansing instructions which the wonderful yogis from around the globe found next to their welcome cards upon arrival next to a couple of fresh local organic lemons in their luxurious four star hotel suites:

Dear Yogi,

If you would like to add a few powerful yet simple Ayurvedic cleansing practices to your retreat, here’s the ‘How to’s.
• Spend a few breathes or minutes in the lying twist on each side, deepening the breathe and exploring the energy flow up and down the spine, as well as massaging your inner organs and activating your metabolism before getting up in the morning.
• Upon rising, spit out any saliva which might have accumulated in your palate overnight (toxic!), rinse your mouth, slash fresh cold water onto eyes, nostrils and ears, and scrape your tongue with your fingers or a tea spoon. Observe the colouring of (if any) tongue coating. It is a map to what’s happening along your digestive tract. Want to know more? Check into the informal, informative and free Ayurvedic chat on Sunday morning after breakfast.
• Before your yoga practice and long before breakfast, squeeze the juice of ½ organic local lemon provided into 1/2 glass of water and drink. One of the most alkalizing cleanses you can treat your body with every morning.
• Smile.
• Make your way to yoga (ideally after a bowel movement).

A healthy outside, starts from the inside.

R. Ulrich

Yoga retreat review

With less than a month left to my blissful long-weekend yoga get-away from 19 to 23 February here on the beautiful island of Malta, a friend’s review of one of my last retreats comes rightly timed. Thanks Cheryl! a lovely lady and social entrepreneur full of beans and ideas like no other. Check out here review on the week she spent with us in Gozo last November here.

Settled convenience over sailing adventures

Recently we’ve had a pre-Christmas present in form of a mail from another international cruising family who will be joining us here in January. We can’t wait to have someone to share these crazy moments on the pontoon with that are hard to imagine unless you chose adventure over convenience. How must it be like for our fellow 80+ (!) liveaboards sharing their wintering experience across the straight, 60nm in Sicily’s Marina di Ragusa? Out of the 700 boats in Msida Yacht Marina, we are a mere four live-aboards! On the good side, there’s no escaping, nor distraction from merging right with the wonderful local and expat communities we’ve met. Fantastic and inspiring people!

Valetta sunrise_146

Talking about convenience, we have been indulging over the past few days as very kind and generous friends have left us their penthouse apartment to escape from the storm last week – while they flew back home for Christmas. Thus, this morning’s stunning sun rise shot overlooking Valetta and the Marsamxett Harbour. The space and ease of living in an apartment for a change is flabbergasting. Yet as I’m sipping my Chai in the dawn breeze on the balcony after having watered the herbs, having my morningly connecting with nature moment, the vast sky above me and the deep blue sea in the distance, I feel like we took a moment out from filming to be part of the audience, just sit back, relax and watch the world go by. On the boat, it’s always right there, in the midst of life and adventure, living the voyage as intensely as you can, never easy but no regrets, no opportunity for growth missed out, always with a tinge of romance and ton of exploration. Yin and Yang. Embracing both. Loving life for the sake of living.