More Yoga Master-Classes in Malta: 24&25 Sept’15

Once again Malta’s kept us longer than expected. Following popular demand, I’ve delightedly put up two more yoga classes for next week for those also dwelling on the rock:

Vinyasa Flow, Thursday 24th September, 7-8h30 pm

Yin Yoga, Friday 25th September, 7-8h30 pm

Location: Lily Agius Arts Gallery, Cathedral St 54, Sliema

Donation: 15 Euro or 25 Euros/both classes

Please bring your own mat or let me know if you need to borrow one. For Yin, if you can and want, also bring a pillow, bolster or blanket to help prop you up more comfortably.

Santorini 2
Happy Dancer in Santorini, Summer 2015 – Fotos courtesy to our dear friend Alice from

Santorini Santorini 4 Santorini 3

Our last night on the boat. I wake up early to watch the sun rise over Valetta’s impressive outlines. Each morning it looks different. Each morning it looks beautiful.

My mind turns to the duty at hand. Preparing our beloved boat – our home of the past years – for sale. Excitement mixes with nostalgia. It is less the rocking and rolling, limited space, complete exposure to Posseidon and his weather moods and continuous maintenance on top of kids education which I will miss. But the sunsets at sea, the speechless gasps when discovering fascinating new places, unexpected crazy encounters, new friendships everywhere and a jump into the soft, deep, blue sea always less than two meters away. It has left a deep trace in my soul which will stay there, nourishing the sailor in me until we might embark on the seas again – many, many moons down the line.

Until then, we will continue to discover the world and embrace the depth and insights that travelling brings, with the additional diversity of sunsets behind mountains every now and then and other in and on land advantages.

On board, the last morning on Happy Dancer stretched out as we tried for two hours, which seemed like in an eternity in Malta’s brutal sun, to dig our anchor and 70 meters of chain out without a windless which had never failed us before, but seemed to stop just then… Until we realized soaked and exhausted that it was just a thermal breaker which needed flipping. Off we went and made it to Manoel Island’s life-out facilities just in time before the yard guys left for their lunch break at 12h15 on the spot.

Since then it’s all been packing, packing, cleaning, packing and more packing. All along staying at one of our best friends whose home they so kindly and openly share with us has become a sanctuary all by itself. We can’t wait to host them in turn in Asia or South America – wherever each others travel bugs will lead us first. But for now, it’s another week of mainly packing, cleaning, wrapping up and packing – an autumn cleanse intensified and I must quietly admit that I actually enjoy this process. More on that soon. Lejl Tajba, Buona Notte, Good Night for now.

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