Day 4 of a Passage from Crete to Malta: Arriving is the best part

Whilst the wind’s becalmed, there’s usually still enough to help the engine a little. We are very happy to find out a few hours out of Malta that we’ve only used half of the amount of Diesel to what we did last time. We attribute this to three things. A) We sailed the first 24 hours and did a very good distance. B) The new anti-foul is fantastic compared to what we had before and so far not one blink of anything on the hull that shouldn’t be there. C) The revamped prop-shaft is giving the engine much less work and doing its wonders.

As we sail back into Marsamxett Harbour near Valletta to drop the hook right outside of our former marina in Msida (the marina itself has rocketing prices in summer, so we’ll only stay there for a few days next week) I feel so grateful for having so many places in this world which feel like home. There’s just nothing that beats that warm anticipation of hugging old friends again, sharing new and old stories, strolling to your favourite Thai place to get the best soup that you’ve been dreaming off at sea for days on end, all the familiar corners, with the unfamiliar touch of summer here. The boys are over the moon, playing with all their little maties again. Same counts for the parents;) Malta, it’s so lovely to be back for a while!

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By 9 pm we go back to the boat and almost straight away fall asleep – time to catch up on some good deep long and truely-needed, well-deserved rest.

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