Yoga Malta warm wintering home

Where to start in trying to describe our first impressions of Malta? Forts and massive walls don’t look too welcoming as you sail into the harbour (either of them – two natural bays, a bit like a miniature version of Sydney and Pitt Water). Even intimidating. No wonder Suleiman’s army of thousands got slaughtered by only a few hundred knights back in the days. Luckily our welcome was friendlier. Over the top, to be more precise. Almost everyone we meet is exceptionally friendly, often going out of their way to help us, like the Maltese family who keep their boat next to our’s taking us to a massive fanfare and local bread festival in Qormi on the weekend; the yard-worker giving me a lift to teach my Tuesday night yoga class at Sky Spirit Park; and of course the beautiful Michelle who’s introduced me to the wonderful yoga community on the island. So very inspired and glad to be here.

Malta Yoga_213 Yoga Malta_221 Yoga Malta_222 Yoga Malta_223 Yoga Malta_224 Yoga Malta_225 Yoga Malta_226 Yoga Malta_227 Yoga Malta_228

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