Multi-cultural relationships

Often my husband and I indulge in people watching and can’t help but observe that – no matter where in this world, from our sailing boat’s stern on some Greek island, over busy London’s downtown, from Buenos Aires to Patagonia, all the way to Sydney – the majority of couples look a lot like siblings. Tall tends to be with tall. Dark with dark. Crooked nose with crooked nose etc. And then there’s the occasional ethnic-cultural melting pot like us. Latino with European. Asian with Caucasian. African with albino and all sorts of other beautiful combinations. There are no rules on how to ride the added ripples, waves and hurricanes in a multicultural relationship, but it sure helps knowing that we are an ever increasing bunch who share our own (third?) culture, joys and challenges all together.

…read more of this intimate and amusing article I wrote for the Multiculturalkidsblog a few days ago!

multi-cultural relationships.jpg

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