Little things which make a big difference

Most of you will know that one way I substitute our no-roots travelling life is by writing articles. I’ve always loved writing and had my first gig when I was 14, writing for the local newspaper’s youth page. I’m happy to say that I am writing for a dwindling number of ‘real’ (as opposed to online) magazines as when it comes to reading I’m rather old-fashioned and like to feel the paper in my hands.

Most of my most recent articles on sailing, travelling, destinations, parenting and more you can find a copy of on our Media Page, but here’s one I wanted to outline as it’s something I wish I had read before we went sailing – as published in the recent edition of Australia’s Cruising Helmsmen: Little things which make a big difference on a boat and how to not spend a fortune on them… Enjoy the read. Comments welcome – especially if you can add to the list and/or have experienced any of the recommended products.


  1. Dini, I hope life is treating you well. I read your Cruising Helmsman article and was struck again by our lack of good timing. We are now temporarily land bound in Spain and looking for our own boat. Funnily enough, a Moody425 like Happy Dancer is on our short list. Argh! I look forward to being inspired by your writing and following your next adventures. xx Lynita

    • Hi Lynita, one day our paths will cross, I’m sure! Which Moody are you looking at? Would love to have a closer look if you wanna email it through (Dini{AT} Much love around the globe, fair winds and clean diesel;) xo

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