Grounded Freedom

Grounded Freedom

We are all so busy finding something, that we forget that something has found us.

I have longed for freedom all my life. In moments of deep yoga, or faraway sailing towards the horizon, I felt freedom. I stopped looking for it. I had momentarily arrived.

These days, I have felt trapped. All that goes against my usual free-spirited notion of freedom has been upon me. And yet, something beautiful arose from these murky waters.

As I was watching a butterfly break through it’s cocoon, I realized no freedom comes without a fight. No joy without the sorrow. No elated happiness without the dark depth of sadness and pain.

And so I sit, floating on my newly discovered, still fragile freedom – detached from the ocean, detached from my yoga mat. Like the butterfly drying my wings, before my first attempt to fly.

And one last thought. What when that day these still moist wings will flap along my sailing boat? Two freedoms coming together. Elation!? I might well take off then… but for now, grounded. Grounded freedom in mortgage business and the like.


From a stuck nomad, an anchored sailor, a hippie with a loan and a mother with a ways too free soul


  1. I want fist of all congratulate you on your beautiful explanations.
    And how you make us feel when you write down something so difficult to explain and utter it so easily in such beautiful words.
    And also I want to thanks you for being such positive energies to many of us.
    Love folllowinf all your posts.
    From a soul stuck in the difficult moments we are living right now in the USA.
    Love the explanation of the butterfly.

    • Thanks gorgeous, aren’t we all stuck somewhere – but then free somehow else!? It’s hard and painful to explore, but probably the only way to true Freedom… Stay in touch. Tons of love your way. xoxo

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