Seclusion, “the state of being private, away from people” (google dictionary). I admit this is big part of my love and devotion to sailing. No were do I feel more disconnected, and reconnected at the same time. Disconnected from all the unnecessary extras of the daily grind, reconnected with myself, Mother Nature and the very few things that really count in life. And whilst a rather social being over all, the older I get, the more intense that longing to get away from the hectic lives that we (capitalism?) have created.

I hope you enjoy the few pics from Pittwater reflecting my words.

What is it you love about sailing? Or reading through our sailing blog?DSC_0064DSC_0075DSC_0109


  1. What I like about sailing are the sunsets. As an amateur photographer sunsets give a neverending everchanging photo oppertunity! I wish i could sell my best ones. Mostly I like the peace and tranquility on a boat secured in a calm leeward cove.

  2. The chaos of being part of the ‘machine’ sneaks up on you, even when you’re aware of it. Sailing, and travelling more broadly, forces you to strip it back to the bare essentials and what’s really important.
    Nicely summed up.
    Hopefully we’ll see you guys out on the water again soon!

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