Back on Board

A few days back on board, I’ve settled back into the swing of things. Having spent a week away teaching at one of the most beautiful yoga retreat locations that there must be around, I was a bit spoilt .To be honest, I did enjoy the prepared home-cooked meals, finding my lovely room spotlessly cleaned when I came back at 9am from my morning yoga practice, having internet at hand whenever I needed it, being able to write articles, emails, letters and blogposts without interruption during my days, chill by the pool and read in the hammock as if no tasks were waiting to be done. However, I do also love being back home at sea, preparing my own meals with chia seeds, coconut water, millet flour, lucuma powder and many other healthy treats readily at hand, being physically active all day, of course having my boys around me again – and let’s not talk about the starry nights from my cozy sunbed on the aft-deck. But, being away made my body realize what tremendous amounts of energies it needs just to balance the motion out every moment of every day. In other words, the first couple of days I was completely exhausted.

With Pablo’s 35th the day after coming back home, there was not much time to chill. Straight into galley love, making a deliciously successful (it’s gone already!) peanut-butter-chocolate-triple layered treat (thanks again Michelle for sharing the recipe!), plus home-made truffles as an extra.

Geographically you can follow our slow but steady progress as usual on the Yellobrick Tracker life. You might be thinking we are heading the wrong way if we are planning to cross the Atlantic in December. Yes, we are, but we have given ourselves a month to enjoy incredibly beautiful and welcoming Turkey before we start our two months march westwards through the Med for a Gibraltar rendez-vous with many other ‘crossers’ late September.


Right now we are anchored in yet another most picturesque bay where the Meltemi swell doesn’t roll in. Was it not for the lack of reception which keeps Pablo from working, we’d easily spent another week here. We’ve started to get the knack of how to find these out-of-this world places we absolutely love. Will my soul ever get tired of soaking in nature’s beauty at its best? I doubt it.

Pabs'35th BDay_124

And yes, you can call me a romantic, if you call someone searching for something as simple as an uncluttered horizon and a humble unspoiled beach a romantic. Enchanted by Moitessier, my birthday-mate and soul-mate dare I say, we make sea stories of our own (like almost turning the dinghy upside down on a swell in front of turtle beach…). Why do we chose the more cumbersome, more conscious, always slightly harder life? I guess Keschmer puts it rightly into word:

They were searching for the sea, and, in the brutal honesty that flows through its currents, hoping to catch a reflection of themselves that they could live with.

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