Bye bye 2018

A mini speck of internet amongst 2 weeks of no phone connection to totally reconnect with all that matters. Sunshine, sea, sailing, secluded bays, splendid friends… Hope you are ready to farewell this year & embrace the new to come – with all its joys & challenges. See you on the other side. We are back offline on a jungle beach with a bunch of sai/oul mates ⛵️ over and out


  1. Good riddens 2018, the year everything on my boat breaks or leaks! all kiddong aside i got bored due to lack of followers to my new sailing blog, so I came to visit yours. I like what you have dont with this blog. sailing with yoga relates to sailing with disabilities. I have arthritis servere enough to consider yoga. One thing i like about boats is I can always find ways to brace myself and isolate tight tendons for stretching exercise.

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