Rainbow Chai at the Bazaar

Dini Martinez

Our daily full and complete yoga practices have been following the chakras. It was no coincidence that on the day of Manipura, our inner sun and powerhouse, we had planned to explore Thirundum’s culture and bazaars. We hit the road, filled with a powerful sunrise flow and, as always, delicious breakfast served with ocean views and palm-trees swaying behind the lassies and fresh juice. I felt as ready as never to leave our little bubble. ‘Real’ India, here we come!

The half hour trip to Thirundrum in an air-conditioned taxi (five of us were too many for a tucktuck) felt like another bubble being maneuvered skill-fully through the invisible organization of the seeming total chaos that is India’s traffic. Frequently the two-lane highway was occupied by four parallel vehicles, including several helmetless riders on their bikes and tucktucks loaded with half a household full of furniture and food. It’s hard…

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