Excursion to the tip

Dini Martinez

Days in the bubble, aka our stunning yoga retreat centre, pass quickly and fluidly. One and a half hours yoga and Pranayam at 7am, breakfast thereafter. Then people flock off to do their things: Meandering down to the beach, getting a coconut or chai in town, reading, writing, meditating or heading in for an ayurvedic on-site treatment… Before you know it’s 5pm and time for an hour of yin yoga followed by half an hour of meditation. Then the amazing kitchen team churns out a different delicious Indian meal every night. By then, as you can tell with all that busy-ness, everyone’s exhausted and happy to wander off, usually after lots of laughter and always some insight and learning, to their cozy beds.

Yesterday, it was once more time to leave the safe haven. The excursion was going to take us to the most Southern tip of India, Kanyakumari. After…

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