La casa de tu alma

Dini Martinez

It’s been two months my family and I managed to untangle ourselves from the web that a structured society traps you in. It’s been adventure enough for a whole book – from the spiky-cactus desert lands penetrating us deeply, over Mexico’s loud and crazy yet soft and slow rhythm permeating every aspect of our lives, to zigzagging 4,000 kilometres along the Pacific coast escaping the Cartel’s grip at times with a healthy distance and others a little more closely…

We’ve also had beautiful encounters, including the famous Mayan poet, Jorge Miguel Cocom Pech, who randomly started reciting one of his most beautiful poems to me, on top of this ancient Aztec temple, in the middle of the chaos of Mexico City… I wish I could share with you all the magic of that moment. Maybe sharing his poem will at least transmit some of it:

Tu idioma es la casa…

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