From Mexico to Panama

I’m writing these lines at thousands of metres of altitude as an active volcano steams ways below on our flight over Guatemala, from Mexico to Panama. The rest of our two months boat-searching roadtrip hugging Mexico’s Pacific coast have come to an end. Gone are the days of transition where one is still letting go of one life – in our case landlife back home in Australia – and not quite yet landed in the new world. Gone are the lazy mornings when no new routine has taken over yet. Gone is the joy of forceful living in the moment as it is yet completely unknown to the whole family what is to come tomorrow. Gone are the days of new adventures every moment and the days where one found a new tortilla shop behind a pot forest of blooming marihuana plants. Gone are the days of chilling out with our Mexican family in their little red haven.

Also gone are the days of fighting Covid and Moctezuma’s revenge, of cautiously feeling our way into the Mexican way of life, of gasping for air amongst the piles of plastic and rubbish EVERYWHERE, of tiptoeing around the cartel routes and struggling to find food that neither harms the planet nor other living creatures.

Well, not quite gone yet. We have a few days of roadtrip planned through Panama which is tiny, compared to Mexico. Over 4,000km we barely saw a speck of the latter, whereas in 500km we will have driven across half of the former. Bocas de Toro is our new destination and home for a while as our new boat, a Moody 44’, is moored and awaiting the change of scenery from a lovely elderly Sydney couple to the Shibam of a nomadic Aussie family, full of adventure spirit and excitement.

The kids have been working on some video projects as Mexico was beautiful beyond words. Time permitting, I will upload it in due time. However, priority rests on the Yogic Living Series that I have just launched online and been loving to connect regularly with a growing consciousness tribe around the world. It is not too late yet to join in. Below is more info. If you are keen, get in touch. With love and light, x Dini


  1. Beautiful place your going to. I lived in Panama for 4 years. It’s a really diverse and wonderful country. Being able to go from the Caribbean to the Pacific in a day. Steaming jungles to alpine spring like mountains. Looking forward to reading about your adventures

    • Thanks for the thumbs up – first 24 hrs vibes are fantastic, heaps more Carribean and multi-cultural than Mexico for sure. I spent some time here twenty years ago… curious to feel into the changes. Stay in touch.

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