7-14 Nov’15, Canary Islands Yoga Holidays


Not just any yoga holiday in Spain!

Our beautiful and serene ecological retreat centre, HACIENDA CRISTOFORO, is a place of peace and quiet in the South of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Thirty-five years the energy of the site and rawness of the earth captivated the imagination of its founder, the architect and therapist Denis Devaris, to create a place where people could heal their bodies, nourish their hearts and  expand their souls.

The centre, a living peace of art and place where healing happens naturally, is located in the south of Tenerife, 28 kilometres from Reine Sofia Sur Airport and a mere 15 minute-walk away from the coastline.

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean opposite the coast of North Africa. The island is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage monuments as is the National Park of Teide, the third largest volcano in the world (3.718 m). the climate is warm and sunny all year round and many golden beaches invite for sunny days at the sea, between cultural exploration, hikes through bio reserves and lunar landscaped national parks, cultural explorations in typical Canarian villages or simply chilling by the retreat centre’s pool.

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Various therapies are on offer at the Hacienda to complement your yoga week with massage and the like if you wish.

“Tonight, I have dreamed that I was a butterfly. But, how could I know, if I am a man who has dreamed that he was a butterfly, or a butterfly that now is dreaming being a man?”

Chang Tsé, Chinese Philosopher
It took me a while to find what I was looking for, for another blissful, unforgettable and possibly life-transforming yoga get-away. When I came across Hacienda Cristoforo, I immediately knew I had arrived. Check out their website for more details on this wonderful haven of peace, which will also be pampering us with organic vegetarian breakfast and dinner, mainly from their own partially bio-dynamic veggie patch.


Yoga takes place in a purpose built room with wooden floor or in the gardens. The ambiance of the centre is well suited to the yoga classes.
There will be two yoga classes a day. Mid holiday there is one day with no yoga so that you can rest or explore further afield . The early morning class is followed by breakfast and the early evening class is followed by dinner.

The morning yoga session will feature invigorating, strengthening and stimulating vinyasa flow through variations of and additions to Surya Namaskars. Dini works without a pre-set schedule, but takes what there is and builds on it. One of the beauties of a yoga retreat is that it allows to spend more time on poses and areas that need particular attention or improvements. Dini doesn’t shy back to gently push her students asana boundaries. The only ‘cannot’ is in the mind and once that is dropped, possibilities are endless.

Angela 1

The evening practice will be a restorative Yin Yoga session whereby seated poses are held for several minutes, letting go of any muscular tensions and alignment issues. This allows the body to release traumas in different koshas, or layers, possibly stored there for years or even decades. As the yin areas of the body like connective tissue, ligaments and bones are accessed in the serene stillness of a yin practice, we open our whole selves up to boundless opportunities. Letting go of old stresses and sorrows you no longer need, be prepared to leave this practice feeling profoundly relaxed and at peace on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Meditation, Pranayam, chakra cleanse and yogic cleansing techniques will be included in various of the sessions.

… with Dini M.

H is for Happiness (47) H is for Happiness (17) H is for Happiness (27)

Dini is a sailor, mother, writer and yoga teacher. She lives on a boat with her family, sails the seven seas and teaches Yoga and Ayurveda at retreats, workshops and festivals around the world.

She has been practicing Yoga and meditation, on and off the mat, since starting university aged 19. Fitness and dance teachings turned towards yoga many years ago. Her continuous studies of Ayurveda, work as Doula, passion for wholesome nutrition and holistic approach to motherhood all influence her teachings. Whilst many great teachers including Iyengar, Shiva Rae, Simon Borg-Oliver, Amanda Fuzes, Cam Storey, Clive Sheridan and Vipassana’s Goenka to name but a few have left traces and inspiration in Dini’s practice, her toughest teachers are her children. They play a transformational role in the journey of taking yoga beyond the mat and into a happier and healthier life. Old yoga scriptures are also a resource she often draws back upon.

Often pranayam, mudhras, bandhas and kryas make their way into her classes and give students a whole new angle to approach movement, breath and life. Her subtle, Reiki and Thai massage influenced adjustments have created a name for themselves and can aid major shifts in body, mind and soul.

Be prepared for more than a normal yoga holiday. Transformation and change are the only constants in life. Dini’s authenticity and aliveness, coupled with a great love and passion for teaching, has inspired many yogis and others around the world to also dare living the life that they dream of.

Here’s a few quotes of what past participants had to say about her.




Accommodation will be in dwellings made of stone, wood and clay tiles, incorporating antique hand-made elements and furniture and including their own bathroom. The houses are scattered throughout the landscaped gardens and courtyards. Furthermore the property offers communal rooms, kitchen and dining, swimming pool with sundeck and various spaces for relaxation or play.

Breakfast and dinner are served with fresh vegetarian products from the Hacienda’s own eco-gardens. They offer a menu that is varied and plentiful, consisting of local dishes and traditional Spanish cuisine.

Prices & Travel details

Price: € 875 pp shared; € 945 pp single

(Approximate amounts in pounds, varying with exchange rate: £670 pp shared; ££725 pp single)

Included – Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, yoga, session on Ayurveda, intro to acro-yoga, new-moon ceremony
Not included – Flights, insurance, transfers, treatments, lunch and snacks
Flights – There are daily flights to Tenerife South (TFS) from various airports in the UK. Skyscanner.net is a great way to start your search and compare fares.
Airport Transfers – Your transfer can be organised for you. Total journey time is about 30 minutes.

Join the Retreat

To book your place or for further questions, contact Dini at Dini@SailingYogaFamily.com.

Nourishing your body, mind and soul is not a luxury, but a necessity!