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Gentle Vinyasa Flow Practice

A gentle flow yoga practice, easing you into your day, including a couple of Sun Salutes, Nauli – one of yoga’s most powerful cleansing techniques, several seated poses and a blissful guided Shivasana to finish off with. Suitable to all levels. If you have enjoyed the preview above, press the ‘Buy Now’ button below to purchase the whole 40′ sequence and watch it on the link you will receive upon payment as often as you wish. No expiry applies.


Yin Yoga Series

I’m so excited to share some Yin Yoga online sessions with you. It has taken me a while to find the muse and convey my passion for this deeply restorative yoga practice through various videos – and there’s still a five more waiting in my editing room. The sessions will hopefully leave you as relaxed and blissed out as if you were coming to a live class, helping you shed any old tensions and stresses no longer of any use. If they don’t, contact me for a refund;)

In deep relaxation lies a secret that reconnects us prfoundly with our true Self, the Divine and the Universe.

No prerequisites needed, other than an hour of your time and space, openness to surrender into long-held poses to shed old tensions, stresses and traumas and the willingness to take your well-being and happiness to a whole new level.

1. Mooladhara Chakra – The root and foundation

Yin Yoga Series Mooladhara

The first one hour class focuses on your root Chakra, Mooladhara, leaving you grounded and inherently content with who you are and where you are at. Without strong roots, no physical nor spiritual evolvement can happen, and the creativity and inspiration of the higher Chakras will fail to materialize without a strong base. Therefore, imagine a deep red circle around your perineum, take some time out to nourish your body, mind and soul and follow the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

Don’t forget to copy the secret link you will receive once payment is completed so that you can indulge in this practice as many times as you’d like. Thanks and Namaste!

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 2. Swadishtana Chakra – The creative centre of flow and harmonious cradle of your sexuality

swadishtana pic sequenceThe second class, also filmed on the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea, incentivizes and tickles your creative veins by activating and harmonizing the second Chakra. Swadishtana, literally ‘sweetness’,  is the seat of water and metaphor for flow in life. The moments when you feel the universe is on your side and you are living your life to your true potential, is when Swadishtana is tuning in the right rythm and pace. Here’s a sequence that will leave you feeling like after a great massage and ignite or further boost your creative juices. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to copy the secret link you will receive once payment is completed so that you can indulge in this practice as many times as you’d like. Thanks and Namaste!

btn_buynowCC_LG 10£

Free online classes

If you really enjoyed one or several videos below, or are doing so on a regular basis, feel free to donate something towards future production of more awesome yoga and sailing videos and keep us yoga-ing and cruising all along. Many thanks!

Donate Button

Enjoy a 15 minute invigorating, intermediate level morning practice to rise your energies and prepare your mind for a fulfilled day, including a brief pranayam, surya namaskars, virabadrasana I, a few seated forward bends and urdhva dhanurasana.

Up your free yogi time and boost your metabolism with this 30 minute intermediate yoga practice with Dini M.

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