One challenge at a time – today it’s how to find a blue water cruiser

Boat Search

Today I have shunned the boxes and suitcases. Even just a glance at them paralyses me to the bones, not knowing where to start or stop. I try to keep my eyes focused on the screen, figuring out our boat-purchasing route for Europe. Which boat is worth a trip to yet another country? Once decided, are there any other boats that are also worth having a look at?

Overall in Europe there seems to be around 70 centre cockpits for sale between 38′-42′ and in our price range. Not too bad me thinks, until an email pops up from amazing Anasazi Girl‘s James (dad/captain/owner) telling us about the fantastic boats available in New Zealand.

Question, have we run off in a hurry without going through a proper due diligence analysis? Shouldn’t we have attempted more buying a boat in our own backyard instead of heading to the other end of the world? Are we doing everything completely wrong, or sort of right? Or is there even a right and wrong in moving onto a sailing boat with your family to commence a nomadic life at sea? Why isn’t there a guide out there on ‘How to buy a blue water cruiser and make it your floating home’?

Maybe that’s my market niche for when we are at the other end. I’ve always wanted to write a book after all. But that’s drifting into the future. For now, I’m gladly down-loading our journey, internal and external, one blog post at a time. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Very nice writing Dini and something Im sure that people can relate to Re: the questions you ask yourself above, sometimes (the collective) ‘we’ seek to ‘find something’….or phrased another way discover a more ‘meaningful destiny’, or seek to uncover a deeper understanding of our true selves.

    Instead ‘we’ distract ourselves with I guess……….’getting busy’. In my observation Busy can take many forms. Some forms are inocuous and relatively harmless like being socially active or ‘popular’, to more destructive forms of Busy – entertaining drama in our lives or worse substance abuse.

    I believe this ‘white noise’ distracts us from the less appealing task of having to look inwards at oursleves and understand the conscious and sub subconscious motivations for our thoughts, feelings, desires and actions and words, in everyday mundane situations. I know this from my own experience of Busy, in one form or another over the last 36 years.

    Where ever you do end up. I hope that you find the inner contentment that you seek and that you also deserve. Thanks for times that we’ve had over the last few years. Ru xx

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