Raw Pralines – a treat in the midst of moving chaos

Raw Pralines_118Would you believe that in the midst of moving a house into a few suitcases, two kids on a plane, then eventually on a boat… I find, no rather make, the time to shape these yummy babies? I just can’t resist the great feeling it gives me when my family devours my sweet treats not even realizing they are good for them. Plus, I reckon there’s no more important time to keep your body-mind healthy than when travelling. So this is the last thing that came out of our freezer before we disconnected it and moved to a friend’s place for our last few days down under.

Pre-soak a cup of cashews for a couple of hours, then blend with the juice of a lime, a few teaspoons of honey (depending  on how sweet you like it) and about two tablespoons of coconut oil – until its all very smooth. Drop little mounts on a baking paper tray and put in the freezer while you melt some organic dark chocolate. Pass the frozen cashew mounts through the chocolate, put back on the tray and back in the freezer. For maximum enjoyment take them out a couple of minutes before serving… Enjoy;)

A little nutritional note at the end: Both cashews (the second most nutritious nut after almonds!) and dark chocolate are low in cholesterol and sodium and a great source of Magnesium, Copper and Manganese. The Vitamin C in the lime helps absorb the iron in the cocoa. The latter is a natural mood-lifter, anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, energizer and even reduces inflammation. Conventional chocolate is only doomed bad for you because of all the sugars, preservatives and other nasties (sometimes cow blood, would you believe it!) that are added to it. So make sure you get a good one. Last but not least, chocolate and cashews are both considered natural aphrodisiacs!

From an Ayurvedic point of view chocolate, the beverage of Gods, calms Pitta (anti-inflammatory) and, especially in this healthy treat, satisfies the sweet cravings of Kapha peops without the heavy and negative side effects of sugary sweets. Whilst chocolate is not the best for Vata (airy) people who are already flying high on adrenalin most of the day, the cashews pacify Vata with their smooth oiliness.


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