Ready, pack, go… and then?!?

Last Sydney Days_120 Last Sydney Days_121 Last Sydney Days_122We have only got three days left in Australia. But what is really going to happen once we board that jet in Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport? Especially given that our bound destination, Munich, is not surrounded by sea and we are supposedly hopping on a boat to sail away, we get asked this question too often to not address it on this blog.

Approximate Travel Itinerary July – September 2013 for our little family of four, on our journey to becoming nautical nomads

15 July (Noah’s 2nd birthday!) until the end of the month we will be staying with my family in the beautiful South of Germany and look for a camper van. Papa Pablo will spend a few days in the Netherlands and the UK to check out some boats which caught our fancy.

August we will then drive through Switzerland down to Italy, France and Spain to look at more boats – and catch up with a bunch of friends on the way. The journey IS the adventure, isn’t it! Half of my Aussie friends seem to be exploring Europe this summer, and the other half are all those mates from high-school that I haven’t properly caught up with in a loong loong time.

Come September we will hopefully have a clear idea which boat’s our favourite… People say buying a live-aboard cruiser is like falling in love, you just know when it’s the right one. So I trust their words – and our boat purchasing check-list of course. We’ll put in a probably ridiculous proposal and hope that the owner accepts.

October,- well stay tuned šŸ˜‰


  1. Hallo Dini vielleicht schaffen wir es ja, uns in Ulm mal zu treffen. Ich bin bis Ende des Monats hier. Lisa

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