Week one of a new life

1st Week in Ulm_123

One week has passed since cutting our safety lines, boarding a plane in Sydney and diving nose deep into our nomadic sailing adventure. Sometimes it feels like jumping into cold water, but most times we are just taking little steps on a big journey.

Besides trying to get ourselves connected through internet and phone, we spent the week looking for camper vans – the stepping stone towards our boat. Not that we need to practice being nomadic, but given the long list of boats along the Mediterranean coast that we want to look at, this mode of transport simply makes sense for a couple of months. So far no transaction has been completed, but there are a few potential mobile homes in sight. We’ve got in contra that the European summer is well under way and so many, if not most, campers have already sold. Looking at the positive side, dealers are now eager to get rid of the few left and – hopefully – more open to negotiations.

0541st Week in Ulm_1331st Week in Ulm_125 1st Week in Ulm_136

As to the more pleasurable moments (No, I wouldn’t count looking at chassis numbers, engine details and old cupboards among my favourite past times!), we’ve enjoyed getting over our jet lag in a beautiful apartment over-looking the Danube and bustling city wall. Ulm is not only a really cute and ancient town in the South of Germany bursting with ancient history, but also happens to be celebrating its most important week. It was then in 1397 that all members of parliament were granted equal voting rights. This is marked by beer and sausage stands all over town (which particularly Pablo is extremely fond of), music in every corner and 8,000 lights sailing down the Danube on Saturday night accompanied by music. It culminates in tomorrow’s Nabada (I believe derived from Narr Baden, literally the bath of the fool). I shall post pictures of all the creative boats and thousands of people swimming down the river.

Last but not least it has been nice seeing our little ones bond with the German part of their family. I’m not sure if it’s a smell or a feeling, but they always seem to re-kindle straight away, no matter how many months or years have passed. While enjoying the reunion, nostalgia has also taken me back home, to Sydney, during some occasional moments. I’ve realized what amazing friends I have there and feel so grateful for them. Making new friends is a fantastic part of our adventure, but treasuring old ones is the fuel which keeps us going.

1st Week in Ulm_130 1st Week in Ulm_131 1st Week in Ulm_129 1st Week in Ulm_124


  1. Looks beautiful Dini! I love Germany – makes me miss the wonderful times I’ve had there. Can’t wait for more posts and pictures xxx

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