Living the dream with Dany R. Wood

ImageImageImageGetting connected to the internet has been a nightmare. It’s one of those conveniences of a settled life one easily takes for granted in the Western world. Similar to the non-discussed fundamental arguments which are never raised when one is embedded in a numbing and comfortable daily routine… Anyway, here’s a moment the connection dial has finally stopped meditating and allowed me to upload a few updates.

I am staring into the Danube watching thousands of drops of water pass at a steady  420 m2/sec. The whole swan family who lives just behind the old city wall gazes up-river majestically without moving an inch from their spot. Due to Pablo being away and the kids still adjusting to a new world, there’s not much I can do these days to advance our boat journey on a physical plane. But whilst kids might slow things down at times, they also are the best reminder that the journey has already begun and it is important to seize every moment of it.

Since arriving in Europe two weeks ago, I have talked to many sailors who could have gone on their journeys loooong time ago, ones who bought a boat many years ago and never cut the lines. All dream of sailing around the world, or so they say. And ALL have an excuse to not go. We don’t have 1/10 of the means of the people we spoke to, but we do have the courage to go. Naive?

Yoga philosophy, on the contrary to scientific discovery, puts experience before theory. Western science generally comes up with a theory first and then does as many trial and errors as necessary to prove it. This gives one a very narrow-minded view. Yoga philosophy looks at the world with a still mind and waits what revelations will come. This is a very different approach, which I feel describes our way of going cruising. It further says that you can only understand something by completely merging with the object of meditation, by becoming one with it. Last weekend we caught up with a dear friend of our’s who has done exactly that, merged with his dream.

Ever since Daniel had spent an exchange semester in Sydney his dream was to come back one day and write a book. So he did and stayed with us in Bondi throughout December and January. He reached the number of pages he had set himself up for the day before he returned to Munich and made a bet with another friend. He would publish his book in the following six months and his Polish mate would lose 15  kg. Both succeeded and so it is that I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of ‘Limetten Retten in Sydney’ [literally ‘Save the limes in Sydney’], and who knows, maybe soon also its translator…

I love it when people live their dreams – whatever these dreams may be. Then things generally fall into place by themselves and obvious signs point in the right direction. Also, those people tend to have a sparkle in their eyes and passion in their minds which, without noticing, inspires others to look for the best in themselves. So here’s my congrats to Dany R. Wood.

Back to our  dream, the sun has subsided to a temporary cold and rainy relief from the heat. Even living your dream includes average moments. Dealing with family is always a challenge – the greatest challenge to yogic philosophy in real life. What would life be like isolated in meditation on a mountain? I might write a blog post on it when we are out on the oceans. For now, the Danube is still flowing and hopefully this week we’ll get our camper van and keep flowing ourselves, direction Southern Europe, Mediterranean border.

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