Ruminations on completing Week 3 of our nomadic sailing adventure


Counting three weeks since leaving our home in Sydney and arriving in beautiful little Ulm in southern Germany, we have finally found a motor home to take us south in search for our blue-water cruiser. The week flew by. While Pablo was out hunting for camper vans, I used the opportunity to catch up with family and old friends. Some things never change, even when you haven’t seen people for years, sometimes even decades.

It matters not how strait the gate, 

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul. (WE Henley)

We have found ourselves impatient at times and had to remind ourselves to slow our roll, take it all in, learn from mistakes… and always have a present state of mind. Even an elephant journey is made up of one small leg after another.

The weather is still similar to summer in Australia (hot!) and we don’t get tired of the amazing views from our apartment across the river Danube. There’s always a Riviera flair along the old city wall and cold beer flows like liquid gold through the warm summer nights. Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days and my granny’s ladies’ circle have already integrated us in their weekly morning Café by the Ulmer Muenster.

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Today I sit down hesitating a little more than usual what to write. Recently several people have mentioned that I should post this, or shouldn’t have posted that, or should… and therewith thrown up the question of why am I writing this blog? Why strip down to the barest thoughts crossing my mind, and emotions tormenting my soul, in the journey of taking my family sailing the world? Why make myself vulnerable to an audience I don’t even know? I guess I find writing quite liberating. It often puts my life straight and causes a euphoric creativity in my heart, even when writing about bad times. It puts things into perspective, and puts our perspective out in the world. This, in turn, connects us with heaps more travelling souls. It would be nice to get some reciprocity from some of you reading voyeurs and know what journey your hearts dream about, whether on a physical plane or simply daydreaming, it doesn’t matter. By clicking on a post you can always leave a comment – or simply Say Hi.


  1. My hubbie-to-be dreams of rowing the Atlantic. However, I find joy when the people I love are close (although maybe they are not physically close!!) when I experience new things, meet new people and challenge myself by letting go of the things in life I cannot control. The moment my like stops feeling like an adventure, I know I need to try something else! Dini, you and Pablo are an inspiration to everyone who dreams of doing anything different and a brilliant example to your children 🙂 xx

  2. Hubby dreams about a boat trip in the French Polynesia…
    My heart instead needs novelty, finding a new taste, a new smell, a new hobby (not hubby haha). I find that I value more life when I am challenged with an unexpected (but good) situation, when I meet different people, beautiful places, or learn something new.
    I’m sure these can be found in other countries, here, in my neighbourhood or even in myself 🙂 just gotta stay opened!

    X Mariana & Pedro

  3. If nothing else, you fulfill a purpose of inspiration to others. No matter what our journeys may look like, how similar or different, bravery must be present to put one foot in front of the other. You do that for some of us. You do that for me. So do not worry about whether every little mundane comes across. It is not wasted.

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