Thoughts while getting ready to leave

Week 3 Blog Post_170-001In Yoga Philosophy it is said that we are living in the age of Kali Yuga, the dark age. The fact that many people have difficulties understanding why we seek more than physical and financial security could be one of its manifestations. Insurances are benefiting from this trend (I was offered about 20 different types of insurance when I got our motor-home registered yesterday!), whilst ancient teachings are being watered down. Depth of life, love and everything in between has become victim of instant gratification and spiritual limitations.

I don’t know if my brain’s wired differently, but fact is that, despite questioning and requisitioning my decisions every day, I cannot think of a better way than spending one of the best years of my life close to my loved ones, discovering the world, having time for each other, inviting in new experiences and allowing my kids to grow beyond what anyone ever thought possible. Not to say I’m not scared, or I don’t miss Australia, but I’m more scared of not even giving our dream the best try it deserves.

How inappropriate to call this Planet Earth when it is quite clearly ocean. Arthur C. Clark

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