Andalucia_277We’ve driven almost 4,000 km since we got to Europe two months ago. We’ve also looked at more than 20 boats. Our short list is coming together and our mindset is slowly changing. It is a big change from doing, doing, and more doing 24/7 – functioning in a capitalist society that doesn’t accept that eternal growth is impossible – to trying to simply be. Breathe deeper, move slower, take the time to connect with people and places.


The past few days we spent in Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia in the South of Spain. A friend and her family have welcomed us in their home like royals. It is an absolute luxury having the most amazing Spanish meals cooked for you, clothes washed, a normal bed to sleep in and spending the days strolling through this beautiful city.

Its Old Town, the third largest in Europe, contains three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Muslim rule from 712 has left many architectural, linguistic and other cultural memories which combine harmoniously with the Roman and Christian influences. In 1248 Seville was re-incorporated into the Kingdom of Castille under Ferdinand III. After the discovery of the Americas, it became one of the economic centres of the Spanish Empire. It’s port, located about 80 km from the Atlantic Ocean, is the only river port in Spain. In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan departed from Seville for the first circumnavigation of the Earth.


Andalucia_285So here we stand, almost 500 years later, reconnecting with our Andalusian routes (Noah and Gael’s great-great-grandfather was born in Almeria.) and preparing for our very own circumnavigation – ‘si Dios quiere’ as they would say in typical Andalusian style. With recharged batteries we’ll continue our journey tomorrow to Portugal. We’ve got another few boats to look at before we might settle for one.



  1. I’m so excited to stumble upon your blog! We are scheming to sail around the world with our babies as well! Though they are not such babies anymore…two and four respectively. We too are a mixed nationality marriage–a Argentine and a North American. Thanks for sharing your journey here–I’m looking forward to living vicariously through you, until we follow in your footsteps next September. Your courage, gives me courage : )

    Sending you blessing!

    • Hi Tiff, so lovely to hear from you. We’ve been talking a lot how nice it would be to connect with a family who is going through the same ‘cilombo’. Sounds like we are meant to meet one day! What’s your preparations so far? Where will you start next September? Have you found your boat yet? Let’s catch up then x-mas 2014 in the Caribbean!? LoL

      • It’s funny, because we met in Spain about 6 years ago!
        We plan to buy a boat somewhere in Florida so we can start in the Caribbean–so the Christmas plan could actually work! Wouldn’t that be something : )

        Right now we have a small 22 foot boat we sail on Lake Tahoe. We plan to sell the house, the car, whatever we need to, to buy the boat next fall.
        I’m really enjoying your posts about your boat search, as it’s very relevant for me.
        Really nice to “meet you.” : )

      • Y claro!
        la vida con un argentine is un cilomob aveces, pero un cilombo TAN LINDA!! Always an adventure

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