The story of the Mexican fisherman

Fisherman_287One of my favourite stories is about a Mexican fisherman. It’s about being more with less. It’s also one of the answers to why we have decided to go sailing now.

An American tourist visiting a Mexican seaside village sees a local fisherman enjoying the sun and a cold drink on the beach. When he asks him why he doesn’t go out fishing to earn more money he responds that he has fished enough for the day to support his family’s immediate needs. The American tourist’s entrepreneurialism bubbles up as he suggest he’d go out fishing again to be able to sell of some extra fish.

The Mexican asks ‘Why?’.

The American responds, ‘So that you can earn some money and one day maybe even buy yourself a proper fishing boat.’

The fisherman wants to know what would happen next.

The foreign entrepreneur explains that with a proper fishing boat he would be able to fish more and then sell more fish. With that money he would be  able to employ people to work for him and possibly be able to buy another boat several years down the track, and so on.

‘And what then?’ enquires the Mexican?

The American looks at him wisely. ‘If you work hard enough, one day you’ll own a whole fishing fleet and have lots of employees working for you. Then you might be able to kick back on the beach and enjoy the sun with a cold drink in your hand…

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