Reduce, reuse, recycle

Our first night in Portugal we spent near a beautiful almost deserted fresh water lake. It looked like it had been artificially created as a water reserve. The tranquility and peace were exceptional. Even more disappointed were we to find the border of the lake full of rubbish after some fishermen had spent a day and night there. Pablo gathered it all in a bag which we properly disposed of on our way to Lisbon. He even found batteries carelessly dropped in the water! How can people be so ignorant? Please folks, don’t leave anything but footprints and love, it’s really not that hard!


Back in Sydney we tried our best to live as sustainable as big city living allows. One major way to reduce our waste was using cloth nappies. It’s one big investment at the beginning of child number one, and no more penny spent from there onwards. Strongly recommendable!

For more tips on how to easily green your everyday life click here, and greener baby stuff here.


If you think you are too small to make a difference, think about the last time you shared your motorhome, boat or bedroom with a mosquito!


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