Welcome to Dini’s Yoga Videos with a FREE 15′ invigorating morning practice

It felt a bit strange teaching my last group classes this morning in Winchester. Last time seeing many of  my students in a while. Last time grabbing a batch of fresh fruit and veg at the market’s on my way back home. Last time the early rising bus drivers cheer as I park the van in the few and tiny spots available. It feels like the seven months we spent here have passed in a blink. I am so grateful for so many things we have been able to live here, all the friends we have made and all the yogis and yoginis who’ve inspired my path. Also, thanks to the continued requests from many of my yoga students to have something to take home to continue their practice, I have fought through my technological disability.

The first outcome of thus is a 15 minute invigorating morning practice for medium level yoga practitioners to rise your energies and focus your mind for a successful day. It includes a brief pranayam, surya namaskars, virabadrasana I, a few seated forward bends and urdhva dhanurasana  and was filmed in beautiful Hampshire, UK, where the sun is now finally shining and the birds are singing (and yes, my sons are watching Thomas the Tank-engine as I’m writing this post). Please comment below and let me know how you get on with this practise. If you are keen for more, including some restorative Yin practices to take to your own living room, please stay tuned on the new Yoga Videos page. And always remember, a video is never a substitute for a teacher. Namaste!

Short Invigorating Morning Practice

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