Full Moon Greek Style

Our second week of live-aboards ended with a magnificent full-moon party on the beach with the local friends we made, thanks to the kids. Our Greek improved by the hour as a feast of local delicacies was being dished up, Greek wine and home-made limoncello flew freely and traditional music and dance brought smiles to young and old alike. We had to pinch ourselves more than once to make sure this all was really happening, and not just a beautiful dream – or simply a dream come true!? We usually honour the full- and new-moon nights with a little ceremony and a wish of things to come into, or leave our lives, but this time I had nothing more to wish for.

Yogicly thinking, happiness is something deeply internal, but no doubt there is outer circumstances which force you into the moment and give that internal river of constant bliss an extra strong current. Following your dharma, your life’s calling, can only bring you further in tune with yourself and the world around you. Namaste. Be happy, as life’s too short not to!

Kilada Full Moon_263 Kilada Full Moon_264 Kilada Full Moon_265 Kilada Full Moon_266

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